What is Cinema?


What is cinema? Is it,  as has become the accepted mainstream,  a peice of industrial engineering for the mass production of money farming mediocrity, or is it, as it was, and in a (Woefully) few places, still is, an art form like any other?  

It is easy to get bogged down in philosophical discussion on the nature of art (or indeed the existance of any true art given it’s nature as a reflection of the psyche of the viewer) but this seems to be lengthy procrastination from the subject. Therefore let us simply state that art in any of it’s myriad forms has power. Power to challenge, power to shock ( both the vicerial and profound), power to critique and, perhaps most importantly,  power to engage it’s audience in a form of dialogue.

As cinema moves iŕncreasingly away from artistic integrity and towards the purile, the profitable and the safe, it neglects this engagement.  What is left is a hollow shell, a toddler’s scribble to a Carrivaggio, and yet millions flock to see these films each year. Why is this?  Is it because their recycled plots, frequent relience on deus ex machina and unchallenging nature make the audience feel unthreatened? Or is it because  ambient decoration as opposed to art satisfies the human tendency towards inaction and the path of least resistance?  

 This blog is not intended as a simple film review site, there are certainly enough of those in existence already, but rather is intended as a place to analyse and deconstruct cinema. It intends to give the reader a new perspective on cinema and on the type of content available. Through this blog, it is hoped that one can regard film in a new light. It is not a champion of the disposable and the cheap.  It is a reaction to the shallow mainstream and an advocate of the alternative. 

Editors note: The views and opinions expressed in this blog are simply that, personal opinion based on a personal yet educated interpretation of the subject. These views in no way reflect the opinion of anyone connected with the film unless specifically refrenced. Non of these views should be taken as an emphatic statement of fact but rather as one of a number of possibilities in a medium open to interpretation and Analysis.

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